Facebook Advertising: What a Scam It Really Is.

F_iconSo, you’re a guy like me, just blogging away with a small number of readers and unique people who find me through searches. So, where do you turn? SOCIAL MEDIA!

The powerhouse of social media is non-other than Facebook. So, when you’re on social media, I’ll give a few tips. Your words will get you places, if you say something that’s trending, people will find it. If you put a trendy hashtag that is popular, people will find it.

What happens when that doesn’t work? Do you piss, do you whine? No, you try to improvise. So, Facebook has a pretty decent business model, if it actually worked. Its called Facebook Ads.

It’s pretty cool actually, in relatively inexpensive. So, a brief overview for someone who has used it a bunch of times is you will put a dollar amount in, lowest I think is $5, but it goes all the way up to $500. Each dollar amount has a set “range” of people it will reach. It’s estimated, but the it SHOULD reach at-least the minimum that it says its going to.

So, $5 is the way to go, maybe even $10 when you’re feeling naughty. 😉 But lets just say $10 because it’s the one that makes me the most mad. $10 will reach approximately 1300-3400 people. You’re thinking, $10 for AT-LEAST 1300 people to see my content, hell yeah! Except, it doesn’t. No, see, you pay that money and its gone for good, and you end up only reaching 700 people who probably either have ad-block on, dead, or just uninterested in what you’re putting out there.

So, you improvise, and you REALLY try to nail down what exactly your post is about, and then you define it in what audience you’re searching for. You get a few likes, but still, it only reaches about 500 people instead of the estimated 1300. Now, estimated, in my opinion, is a long-range of who it may reach, 1300 is what I’m expecting it to be around, seeing as that’s what you’re looking at to see what you’re paying for.

But, lets say you’re a consumer, like me as well. You scroll through Facebook and you’re coming across some stupid ads from bullshit websites and companies like HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Hilary Clinton, etc. and overtime you do, you keep calm, and say you don’t wish to see it anymore. Well, Facebook doesn’t seem to give a shit about that either, that you have a differing opinion than the websites that cater to Facebook’s every liking.

If you’re in the business, don’t use Facebook Ads, they’re a scam, it’s extra revenue for that lunatic Zuckerberg.

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