Why “Go Topless Day” is Dumb.

Is it weird that they both have the same size tits?
Is it weird that they both have the same size tits?

Well, it has been a while since I last wrote a post, and boy am I glad to be back! What a time to be back, on the eve of the unofficial holiday called ‘Go Topless Day’. It’s funny, they preach about how it “should be their constitutional right to be topless” even though these SJW leftists have no regard to the constitution, further contradicting themselves.

What I mean when I say that “Go Topless Day” is stupid, is that women are fighting against the wrong people. They will instantly accuse the men for sexualithem. When, in reality, it’s the women who are sexualizing breasts! Not the women who are going out advocating for men to stop it, but the women in porn, women who sexually post pictures of themselves online, etc.

So, who’s doing the sexualizing now? I’d love any women to come forward and say a bra model is not posing sexually. I know I’ll hear “because she’s told to” but, is it really? Do we not live in a free country? Do we live where it’s easy to become a model? No, it isn’t, women work their ass off to be where they are, and love being sexy! Men find breasts sexy, why are we the assholes for it? I don’t hate women because they find forearms, back muscles, and chiseled jawbones sexy.

I might be getting off track for a minute here, but feminism used to mean something; for these women’s grandparents. I honestly don’t believe there is much more equality to give, women have high paying jobs, women are CEO’s, women are allowed to vote, hell, even in blue-collar fields, women would get a job over a man. They’re running out of ideas! Just over a year ago, this wonderful women said “air conditioning is sexist.”┬áMaybe someone should tell her about the women dominated field of “Human Resources” as she writes from her high paying blogging job.

Will I get flack for this? Oh hell yeah, but, it really needs to be said that go topless day is a stupid holiday, that accomplishes nothing.


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