Obama to Colin Kaepernick: “He’s Exercising His Constitutional Right”

Colin Kaepernick ObamaIs that not insane for a president to say, or is that just me? I feel the president should be the most patriotic person in this wonderful country! Before I continue, it should be said that I am not say it is not in his constitutional right, but wasn’t it a few months ago that guns were in our constitutional right?

But, we are getting off track here, kind of. The reason for this post is because Obama, and liberals alike, like to pick and choose which items on our constitution we should follow. The right to keep and bear arms. So, why is sitting during the national anthem right?

Collin might as well just set our flag on fire or stomp on it, because it obsesses people of color. Which is wrong, what kind of oppression is shutting down highways, using violence, etc. to get points across? Shit! Off track again.

Anyways, we can go all around this issue, or I could just call him an asshole and call it a day. That would be too easy. I just don’t understand how you could live in a country that you hate, that you feel oppressed in, because I am a firm believer in saying that opinions and feelings are¬†NEVER wrong, but I can surely disagree with them. He won’t be out of this country because he makes $19,000,000 a year!

Let tie in another news story into this too, where Kaepernick wore socks depicting cops as pigs: 1472757571075

Now the San Fransisco Police union are trying to boycott detailing the 49ers games if no action is taken for his hateful speech towards our country and the people who protect it, both over seas and here in the homeland.

Let’s stop sitting by and acting like everything is okay, and what he’s saying is okay. It’s in his constitutional right to say those things, it’s also in San Fransisco Police Departments¬†constitutional right to not detail games, and mine to call him an asshole.

That’s all for now, I may post later, I may not. Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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