An Open Letter to Those Who Snapchat and Drive.


So, you’re driving along on a country road at night, or barreling down a high way at 75MPH, and you think to yourself: SNAPCHAT NEEDS TO SEE THIS!

There was an 18-year-old women who struck a Uber driver going 107 miles per hour because she was Snapchatting while driving. The man apparently suffer a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized for months. While the girl, Christal McGee suffered a few cuts and a bad headache, and continued to Snapchat this picture: Christal McGee Snapchat

If you can’t see the negligence in your behavior to put your cell phone down while driving, then you shouldn’t be driving. I can’t tell you how many people I drive by with their phones directly in front of their faces while driving, not even hiding it!

I can honestly tell you people, that I don’t care what speed you’re going, I don’t care what your speedometer says. The higher the speed, the dumber you are on the stupid monitor. Those people you’re Snapchatting to care about you, and want you around. They don’t want to be scraping you off the pavement or the hood of your car after you barrel through the windshield.

All I’m trying to get at, is that app shouldn’t be open while you’re driving. Want to know why I’m writing this? Because a guy I know with a young kid at home and a failing relationship with the baby momma is constantly showing his speedometer for a story, while in his truck, on his motorcycle, and it upsets me to know he does it regardless of what he is told.

Be safe, there are people who care about you, there are people who need you. You showing how fast you’re going is the most ignorant decision you can make. Or don’t, but don’t go crying to those who love you while you’re paying for your mistake, if you’re driving, you are more than old enough to know the types of consequences you face by making these stupid decisions.

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