This Post Goes Out To My #GabFam

gabWhat is #GabFam? Well, lets back track a bit before we get into trending topics. is a new social media beta website. It’s main focus is to let its users speak freely without being watered out by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram algorithms.


  1. Gab allows the user to speak openly with 300 characters to do so.
  2. In relevance to other social media sites, the user can share content, while also “upvoting” and “downvoting”
  3. Gab will also allow users to reward content creators who wish to monetize their content.

If you remember my post from a few months back when I created a Twitter account for my website, you now probably know what I’m getting at. If you don’t wish to click, the TL;DR is: I was forced to follow every liberal leader on twitter by default before unfollowing them and following who I wished to. The main social media websites are not in favor of free speech. The only speech they would like to hear is the one that is not “offensive” or using “trigger” warnings. If you’re that fragile that you need to walk through like heeding to the warnings of triggers, then you need to check yourself into a mental institution, and never mix yourself in with the general public.

Back to Gab, though. Gab is an open book, free with ideas, friendly conversations, and a family of new users in the clean slate of a social network. Its website resembles twitter, using hashtags, and a trending surface. What you won’t find is  bunch of crying, liberal, grown-up babies.

My advice to you is get your name in now. There is currently a wait list, I waited only a few days, but I’m told some could wait weeks. Unlike others, Gab won’t suspend you over arbitrary reasons, and can feel free to speak on what you feel is right. Users can block your content, words, so they can’t see whatever it may be. You just won’t be slapped with a ban because, there are sure to be others out there who think the way you do. So far, being on the site for a few days, I’m addicted. Every trending platform is filled with refreshing words you would never see in the light of day on any other platform, I just hope you guys make the switch like I did.


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