Things you realize happen when you’re laid off.

bloggggggIf you know me personally, you know I’m laid off currently. If you don’t, well, now you do! It was tough, but being young and a welder, the horizon is big for me, and I’m taking my time to find something that fits me the best, or if my website takes off… Who knows.

Anyways, something happens when you’re laid off, it’s very strange. You suddenly have all this free time, and when you’re younger like me, not much to worry about. It’s almost like I’m not an adult anymore, like a break from adulthood!

Some other things happen too, now I’m no mooch, although I am taking advantage of Netflix, sleeping in a little, and filling out job applications, I am actually busy. Not to everyone else though, here’s a mini list I put together of what you can expect, good and bad, when being laid off.

  1. Depending on state, province, wherever you lives government entails, it’s a bitch to get assistance. With waiting on the phone for hours to get hooked up with benefits, and get health insurance, it sucks.
  2. Staying up later and not having to wake up to an alarm(usually) is always a plus.sleep-late
  3. Everyone assumes you need money, and takes pity on you. Can be nice, but also a little embarrassing too.
  4. Everyone also assumes you’re free and will accept any offer of shit work they give you. Power wash the deck, paint the walls, move shit, anything.
  5. Finding a job is essentially¬†easier because it is now you’re main focus, you don’t need to juggle a current job and how you can maneuver out of it to go for interviews, you have a clean slate now!

Being laid off sucks, because getting into the swing of waking up early every day will probably soon be a reality for me soon. It’s not that I want to wake up late, just happens. You will fall into this swing too, it’s an addictive and vicious cycle.

What you can do to avoid it is both wake up earlier, and keep busy during the day, so you’re in the routine of things when work comes again! I hope this list helps you cope with being laid off, but it isn’t the worst thing that could happen, hang in there!

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