Well, I Think It’s About Time I Write SOMETHING!

What’s up everyone, this is going to be more of a personal post, because I think I have a lot of explaining to do, 23 days(!) without posting, I think you deserve to know my previous MacBook Pro has gone to Apple Heaven, where it will no longer be the stove the boils my blood.

I had a lot of good memories on that thing, where E-Life Trend began! But things are different now. Yes, I am still on team Apple. The sales girl, Ash, set me up with this beautiful new MacBook Pro, and I’m so far happy about it!

It’s weird, I didn’t feel much was left when my computer crashed. I thought maybe I won’t blog anymore? But nope! I’m back!!!

Another thing that happened since I last posted  and I have found a new job! I now weld parts for commercial and military jet engines for Pratt & Whitney, so I am very happy about that! Lets dive into the new MacBook on a good note!

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